Thursday, September 15, 2011

Projects and a new dream

So I dreamed a blog. Like, legitimately dreamed that I was doing professional web development, and in that dream I designed a blog for someone, who was going by some name beginning with C and alluding to monarchy. Then he handed over the website to me for doing some kind of content distribution, I think for a podcast, and I renamed it to Abdicating Monarch and changed it so it looked like this, more or less:
Mostly on the "less" side, actually. But you get the idea.

Also, in a surprisingly related turn of events, I've been working towards being able to do quite a lot of projects, of wildly varying merit and attainability. I think I'll list them in semi-chronological order, rather than the likeliness of them actually getting done.

First, a vlog. Just straight-up recording to YouTube, talking about life and maybe answering questions or doing segments or something. This seems like it's actually quite redundant, since this is updated just about as often as I think I'd get around to recording, so it's low on the priority list.
Second, a Heroscape campaign between at least five regulars. Of all of these ideas, I think this is the one I'd get most enjoyment out of, and also the one I think would be nearly the most work, second to my 52-week podcast idea. Basically this would consist of weekly-or-so Heroscape matches in conjunction with a larger-scale map across which armies move and territories trade hands. I've got a lot of the background work done on this, and from here much of the effort would be in schedule-juggling. Which bites, because I can't get anyone together when I'm free most of the time, plus I'm barely keeping up with classes right now.
Third, a podcast about trance work and altered states. This is the huge weekly one, specifically one 'cast per week for a full year. I'd release it at the beginning or end of the week, based on a queue, and it would feature script readings, discussions of concepts, potentially request or commission work if people showed interest, and a pronounced focus on the mystical -- specifically by means of tarot cards, with some assistance from other fantasy and occult systems. I'm excited for this one, guys. I really am. I've got an editor already set to work on it, and a whole backup community that I may or may not be able to enlist for conceptual help. That said, I know for a fact that about a third or more of the people I know in person would majorly, majorly object to me doing it in the first place. In my experience, normal people really knee-jerk against this sort of thing. Hard. And I'm really not looking forward to explaining to anyone that would need to ask. Still, I have high hopes.
Fourth, a podcast that had its genesis from an offhanded comment about a podcast the author of an excellent tutorial specifically  mentioned as something he would never listen to. A podcast in which I simply cough into the mic one time per week and post it. I call it The Weekly Cough. This is the one that's probably going to be easiest overall, and I think quite funny. I have plans to make an A.A. Milne reference in the first episode.
Fifth, a livestream. I'm pretty much all set up on this one. I think I want to do Minecraft on it a lot, but there are plenty of those out there already, so I also want to play through and review art games. Now, this is going to require a lot of content moderation by not-me, because I have a hard time showing art games that I've already played through and not spoiling them right off the bat. I have a huge list of games I can do, though, so I'm rather looking forward to giving it a shot. The main difficulty involved here is promotion and finding a time when I can actually stream regularly and any reasonable number of people will be able to watch.
Sixth, and to my memory last, a personal podcast, basically for me to rant and do basically the same stuff as would happen in the vlog except with only audio. I don't think I'll actually do this one either unless a lot of content magically drops into my lap.

So in summary: I want to make a trance podcast, a cough podcast, a livestream, and a Heroscape campaign. Not sure if all of those are achievable, and I'm already probably dropping the vlog and personal podcast right out of the gate. I'm most excited about the trance podcast and the Heroscape campaign, but the livestream will likely be very rewarding as well. Plus I get a huge kick out of the idea of doing something like The Weekly Cough just because someone I don't know specifically said to not do that. Not much work, really stupid, but highly, highly amusing. I also love the idea of someone just marathonning TWC in the middle of the night and giggling manically, just 'cause.

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