Monday, June 20, 2011

Outside posts

With the close of this blog's original purpose far behind me, I've decided to preserve my outside posts (made on behalf of the class, but sometimes still quite relevant) as they originally appeared on my sidebar. This is mainly because I'm moving on with the blog and I don't like losing data, even if that loss is only to forgetting where I put something.

2/1 post @ Composition Mystery

2/8 post @ The Ultimate Language Barrier

3/2 post @ Flicks and Footnotes

3/2 post @ Composition Mystery

3/2 post @ Power of the Peanut Gallery

3/2 post @ Some Thoughts

3/8 post @ Soap Box Princess

3/9 post @ Some Thoughts

3/9 post @ The Ultimate Language Barrier

3/16 post @ Flicks and Footnotes

3/28 post @ Outbound Theories

4/4 post @ Some Thoughts

4/7 post @ Big Screen Snobs

4/14 post @ Flicks and Footnotes

4/14 post @ The Ultimate Language Barrier

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